Best plain slice in port Washington. If you like specialty slices, I’d recommend going to Gino’s. Their pasta fagoli soup is also my favorite, it takes awhile for them to make it (they make it on request) and it comes out very hot but is well worth the wait and the portion is very large.

Jackie M.

Carlos makes really good pizza! It may look a little divey, but the crust is crispy, the sauce is cooked just right and the cheese doesn’t slide off. All in all, it’s a great pizza place!

Michelle P.

Best regular pizza pie in town. Always ask for a large pie and always ask for it to be cooked “well done”. In 38 years, I’ve never had a bad pizza from Carlo’s. They’ve been doing everything the same way for decades because when you get it right there’s no need to change it.

Eric W.

This is by and far hands down the best place for pizza in town. I have been going there for as long as I can remember. Great counter service

Daniel H.

Just opened up in Roslyn/East Hills and thank god they did. We have to travel for great pizza but not anymore.

Robert J.

Radical freakin pizza yo so goddamn good dat house salad with dem grilled chikenz and dat mozzerla cheez yo omfg. liek so super awesome. Get dat grandma pizza yoYO east side fo lyfe.

Alexandre H.

I’ve been waiting for this since I got off the plane. I think it’s the best pizza in Port Washington. I’m always loyal to Franks but this has to be my number one. Can’t forget the Sicilian. When I head back west I’m bringing some back.

Ryland H.

One of my all-time favorite pizza places. I travel 45 minutes just to get here. The food is incredible, the staff is friendly and welcoming and the town of Port Washington is beautiful. Love love love Carlo’s Pizza!

Robert J.

The thin crust and sweet sauce makes this pizza one of the best Ive ever had. I have been eating there since the early 90’s and as I write this thinking about how to get over there and get a slice…

Ed Eisenstein

I have lived in this town for 20 years now and Carlos is our go to place for reasonably priced food. The food is perfect old school Italian food, their Pizza is consistently delicious. The people who own it are wonderful and know just about everyone that walks in. My family and I love Carlos, we make it a regular stop before going to the Movie which is right across the street. I like several of the pizzerias in town but I give Carlos a 5 because they make the grade in so many ways. The place is usually pretty busy and it is tough to get a seat sometime but that just speaks for how good it is!

Debbie M.

I’ve long maintained that it’s hard to find bad pizza in New York — I mean, the worst pizza here is better than the best pizza pretty much anywhere else — but some places are better at it than others, and for me, Carlo’s is the one. Their sauce is just the right blend of sweetness and tartness, and the ratio of sauce to cheese to dough is perfect, whether it’s Neopolitan (regular) style or Sicilian. Their specialty pizzas are also oustanding, as are their rolls (try the eggplant!) and calzones. My husband will not go anywhere else, and swears that their chicken parmesan, whether as a hero or part¬†

Cheryl P.

Carlo’s is my all time favorite pizza parlor. I’ve been coming here all my life and never had a disappointment. The crust has the perfect crunch and the sauce and cheese are delicious and proportional…

For best results, eat hot out of the oven! The pepperoni rolls are doughy and tasty. Carlo’s has a friendly staff and the prices are great! Go here!!!

Gloria M.